Which Stainless Steel handle should i buy?

Here are the handles we currently offer:

The Atlas handle with the classic “Barber Pole” look is 3″ long and weighs 56 grams.

The Kronos handle is 3½” long and weighs 71 grams.

The Colossus Handle is 4″ long and weighs 86 grams.

The handle you purchase depends on a few factors.

Hand Size
The Atlas handle is the smallest, and might not work as well for someone with larger hands. The Kronos is ½” longer than the Atlas, and the Colossus is the largest at 4″. So keep your hand size in mind when deciding on a handle.

Shave Aggressiveness
When using suggested technique, and letting the weight of the razor do the work, moving up or down in handle lengths will make subtle inscreases or decreases to the aggressiveness of each baseplate. For instance, if the R1 is a little mild and the H1 is too aggressive, you can use the Colossus R1 to make it a bit more aggressive than a Kronos R1 or Atlas R1.