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Stainless Steel 30 Day Guarantee

Posted by Jesse Michel on

*30 Day Warranty
At Above the Tie we believe that Atlas, Colossus, & Kronos line of stainless steel shaving products are the best money can buy. That is why we offer a thirty day guarantee no one can beat. Purchase any Atlas, Colossus, or Kronos stainless steel razor, part, or set, and if for any reason you are dissatisfied you can return the product for a full refund, return part of the product for a partial refund, or exchange any part for a different one. This warranty is valid only to the original owner.

Please note, stainless steel razors and razor sets reduce the cost to you on the individual parts. So breaking up a set will not guarantee you a refund of the parts individual value. Your total cost and refund will be based on the items you keep. For instance, if you buy a $185 razor, then return the handle and keep the head ($146), then your refund would be the difference or $39.

Don’t worry if this is confusing. We will work with you to ensure your complete satisfaction. If you are not happy, then we don’t want your money.

For refunds, all we require is that the product must be returned in it’s original packaging within thirty days of purchase.

Send returnable items along with your PayPal Transaction ID & a note describing the refund or exchange to:

c/o Above The Tie, LLC
P.O. Box 1695
Kingsport, TN 37662

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