Above the Tie Update - March 2019

Greetings Shavers!

This is our first monthly update.  I think this is a good platform to keep everyone up to date on what is in the works, and we will be adding updates to the site at the first of every month.

Firstly, I wanted to say thanks to Stan for entrusting me with continuing the Above the Tie story. You can read his letter here.  I have taken this task on with great enthusiasm and a re-dedication to our quality and our customers.  Without you, there is no ATT.

Below are changes that are in place or in the works.  Thanks for reading and for all your support and reviews.  We will continue to work hard to make shopping and shaving ATT a pleasure.


Orders and Shipping

The first change I have made is to ship out orders within 24 hours, everyday Monday through Saturday.  The cutoff is currently 11 AM eastern, and all orders are delivered to the post office by 11:30.

We are also offering Free Domestic First Class shipping on orders $50+, and Free Domestic Priority Shipping or orders $95+.  We want to get your order to you as fast and cost effective as possible.


The Classic Stainless

These shavers have been the workhorse for so many.  We had planned to phase them out to make room for the Windsors, moving the slant and single edge to that configuration.  I will instead be re-listing all of the Classic razors at a reduced price. 

This will allow newcomers to get in at a lower entry point, and Classic ATT Owners to expand their collection at a discount.  I am still working on the cost analysis and will list these items as the parts come in.

Here are the current expected return dates for the Classics.

  • March 1st
    • Colossus - 4" Razor Handle
  • March 21st
    • SE1 - Single Edge Solid Bar
    • S1 - Slant Solid Bar
    • S2 - Slant Open Comb
  • April 1st
    • Classic Brushed Stainless Ink Well Stand
  • April 16th
    • M1 - Mild Sold Bar
    • M2 - Mild Open Comb (limited supply in stock)
    • H1 - Aggressive Solid Bar
    • H2 - Aggressive Open Comb

*These are the current estimates dates, and are subject to change.  We will work hard to meet these, but unforeseen circumstances do occur from time to time.


The Classics in Satin

We are also working toward offering the Classic Stainless line in a Satin Finish.  They will be priced slightly higher due to the extra production step necessary, but this will offer a different finish option to the Brushed Matte.  These will appear on our site in the coming weeks.

We will also be able to offer the Satin Stainless Calypso handle paired the Classic heads, for those who want the Atlas design with the Kronos length.



The aluminum razors have been on back order for some time.  We had a machining glitch with the standard caps which caused an alignment issue with the base plates.  These could not be salvaged and had to be scrapped.  The machining is close to complete.  We will have these anodized and off back order as soon as possible.

Here are the current expected return dates for the Aluminum.

  • March 5th
    • S1 - Slant Solid Bar
  • April 1st
    • Standard Cap - Fits all standard DE razors.
  • May 1st
    • SE1 - Single Edge Solid Bar

*These are the current estimates dates, and are subject to change.  We will work hard to meet these, but unforeseen circumstances do occur from time to time.



The Windsors have been very popular.  We are down to the last few copper handles and will work to get more in stock asap.

We are also working on improving the underside of the Cap.  The sealant used on the copper cap accentuates the marks in a bad way.  We're looking into polishing or potentially bead blasting the underside to improve the appearance.


Gold Plated Kronos, Atlas, & Windsor

24K Gold Plated Polished Windsor SSR1

We just finished plating a few ATT razors in 24K Gold.  There are plated and ready to go, with no waiting.  See more here.


Something New

 Now Available: The 3-Piece Razor Saver.

3-Piece Razor Saver

After much searching, we've finally found the perfect material to offer a non abrasive pad to prevent those unsightly ring scratches that occur when over-tightening the razor handle.  This material also gives feedback to the amount of tightening necessary, and will bulge out when over tightened.  The base plate is protected regardless.

New razors are assembled with one Razor Saver included.  Additional rings are available in packs of 10 here: 3-Piece Razor Saver


In the Pipeline


We have started working on a new razor design for the Classic & Satin line.  I can't say too much at this time.  The razor is designated the X-1.  More on this when we have a working prototype.

Travel Handle

We had a request for a travel handle and I think this would be an interesting addition.  Our priority is the parts on back order, but as soon as we can get caught up, I'd like to get this in the pipeline.  Paired with a smaller Horween leather travel case, this would make a great travel set.  It will also be available as just the razor, or even just the handle.  What are your thoughts on length / diameter /  and texture for a handle like this?


Your input is important to us.  Please leave your comments and questions below to help us improve the monthly updates.





  • Matt

    We are getting close to caught up. Hopefully this month.

    I am excited for the Windsor Slant too. At the moment we’ll likely have a prototype this spring and launch sometime in the summer.

    I’m not familiar with the open comb head. I’ll have to look into that.

  • Brian Myers

    Looking forward to learning more about the X1 and the travel set! Specifically regarding the travel set, if you shoot me an email I’ll share some details of a beautiful old Apollo travel set I have. It just might yield some interesting ideas to inform development of ATT’s version.

  • DPC

    Have you considered making a double open comb head?

  • Joe

    Any projected date for the Windsor slant?

  • Thomas Stratton

    A Windsor Slant sounds awesome. Do that sooner than later.

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