Classic Retirement & New Windsor Base Plates

Classic Retirement & New Windsor Base Plates

The Classic Line is retiring.

Why are we retiring our Classic line?

Our Classic and Windsor lines have a number of similarities and some overlap. For this reason, as well as rising material and manufacturing costs, we are streamlining our inventory, and making the Windsor our new "base model." The Windsor has been, overall, more popular and performs better.

Above the Tie Classic Razor Line Retirement

The Classic Stainless Steel & Aluminum line has had a great run as a high-performance, hard-working razor line for ten years. But everyone deserves to let loose and have fun after a job well done.

They have already sent some pictures to us from their recent adventures.

Above the Tie Classic Razor Line Retirement

You can find a list of all retired parts and their current stock availability at the bottom of this email (as of the date of this post, May 4th, 2021). We will sell them until we run out - Once they're gone, they're gone!

Above the Tie Classic Razor Line Retirement

Coming Soon!

The new Windsor SSMR & SSRH Base Plates!

In addition to retiring the Classic line, we are also streamlining our Windsor base plate offerings - we're going from three plates at the mild, regular, and heavy blade gaps, down to two plates. The SSMR (Stainless Steel Mild-to-Regular) with a blade gap of .40mm and the SSRH (Stainless Steel Regular-to-Heavy) with a blade gap of .80mm, will take the place of our current Windsor plates.

New Windsor Base Plates

We see all of these exciting changes as an opportunity to make room for new base plates - open comb plates for the Windsor & Windsor Pro, milder options for the Windsor Pro line, and other new offerings that our customers have requested. Our Slant and Single Edge lines will be back in full force very soon!

We plan to keep bringing you the razors you know & love, while also making space for innovation and growth. We appreciate your business for the last ten years, and we hope to bring you exciting new things during the next ten!

Retired (discontinued) Parts:

Stainless Steel:

  • Standard Cap - New & Returns
  • M1 - Returns/older batches only, etched with year of production
  • M2 - New & Returns
  • R1 - Only one (1) satin in Returns
  • R2 - New & Returns
  • H1 - Only one (1) satin in Returns
  • H2 - Two (2) New & a handful of Returns
  • SSM1 - New (polished), Returns, satin & polished
  • SSR1 - Returns, satin only
  • SSH1 - New (polished), Returns, polished only
  • Bamboo Handle - New & Returns


  • Standard Cap - Sold Out
  • M1/M2 - New & Returns
  • R1/R2 - New & Returns
  • H1/H2 - New & Returns
  • Bamboo Handle- New & Returns

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