Introducing the Windsor Pro

Introducing the Windsor Pro

The Windsor Pro is Above the Tie’s third line of razors. It is the culmination of everything we have learned from the creation of the Windsor and the Classic. We have listened to your recommendations and comments, and put that feedback directly into the Windsor Pro. In our opinion, the Windsor Pro is the smoothest, most versatile, and the best looking safety razor we’ve made so far, which means it is the smoothest, most versatile and best looking safety razor on the planet.

Above the Tie enthusiasts will immediately notice the mirror finish polish on the razor. That polishing does more than just make the razor look crisp. It will also round the edges of the teeth on the open comb model to improve comfort. The underside of the cap and top of the base plate are bead blasted to a smooth satin finish.  This keeps the tolerances tight while removing machine marks, for a more refined look. Other improvements include:

Stainless Steel Windsor Pro SB90


The Blade Angle has been adjusted slightly to help men with different beard styles shave comfortably. 

Aluminum Windsor Pro Blade Exposure


By slightly increasing the blade exposure compared to the Windsor, we were able to retain the smoothness of the Windsor but bring back the sing of the Classic. Yes. You really can have it all.

Aluminum Windsor Pro Blade Tabs


Like in the Windsor, the blade tabs remain covered for a clean look. They remain just inside the edge of the cap to hold the blade in place during assembly. 

However, unlike the Windsor, the Windsor Pro features enlarged rinse slots, making it our best rinsing razor to date.

Windor Pro in Aluminum and Stainless Steel


Like the steel model, the aluminum version of the Windsor Pro is bead blasted where the blade contacts the razor then anodized for a finish that is totally unique. The aluminum version of the Windsor Pro will be released at the same time as the steel version.

The Windsor Pro in Aluminum and Stainless Steel

Calypso SB90
Aluminum Windsor Pro
Kronos SB90
Polished Stainless Steel Windsor Pro
$144 $99



As makers of the highest quality razors, we are constantly on the lookout for opportunities to provide our customers with great products at affordable prices. For years, we have been able to do that with parts that were manufactured fully in the U.S.A., and have been proud to do so. 

However, due to increased competition within the razor market, it appears that the best partnership opportunity to supply the parts for our newest razor include suppliers outside the United States. It was not a decision we made lightly, but it was important to us to make sure we provided our customers with the quality, service, and value they have come to expect from Above the Tie. 

The Windsor Pro will still be designed and assembled right here in the U.S.A., using quality parts from around the globe. The first model will be the SB90 with a .90mm blade gap. More parts and combinations will be released in the months to follow, including a mild to average blade gap in solid bar and open comb, the slant in solid bar and open comb, and the single edge in solid bar and open comb. Atlas and Colossus handle configurations are also on their way in the near future. 

The Windsor Pro

Pre-orders COMING SOON!


-- Additions in reply to comments --

The move to overseas production was not an easy decision, but the current business model is becoming less and less sustainable. The work we provide to US machine shops is a very small piece of their business. Its very unlikely any jobs will be affected there. To my knowledge, they are covered up and some even expanding. There are still US manufactured parts available in our store, and we are still open to US manufacturing. Some customers have been asking for sets in different metals, which I think will marry nicely to US production.

Just like the Apple IPhone and other popular products, the Windsor Pro line of razors are designed and assembled in the US, and manufactured in China.

We have been working on this for sometime. Everything was in place to start the manufacturing when the COVID-19 outbreak happened. Since the factory that is manufacturing the razors was shut down for 6 weeks, the razors are late being sent. While we were disappointed they would ship out later than expected , we were impressed that the manufacturer cared so much about their employees and customers safety.

After a year of research we believe we finally found a company who uses the highest level of technology in their manufacturing process to fit our companies needs. We still believe in providing our customer with the highest quality razors. When you hold a Windsor Pro in your hand we know you will agree.

There will be 2 blade gaps in the standard DE. The SB90 is suitable for Average to Heavy beards, like the current R, S, SE, and H plates.

We are currently testing blade gaps to find the best Mild to Average shaver to cover M to R.

If the launch is successful, we will start production on the OC90, mild solid bar, mild open comb, and the Atlas handle. We will rollout the Colossus, slant, and single edge after that.

As always, our parts are fully interchangeable.  The caps and bases are better suited with the old Windsor design, but they will still fit the Classics as well.

We will let everyone know as soon as they are available.


  • Victor L Sacino

    Please keep me updated with information regarding your products.(VLS)

  • Adam Williams

    Please let me know as soon as these are available, especially the aluminum ones

  • Sergey

    Very interesting!

  • Graham Connor

    These products look most interesting. Please keep me informed of your progress. I am familiar the straight and comb designs, but I am not familiar with the slant version. Could you please explain?
    Cheers and stay well.

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