The Best Safety Razor Blades in 2020

The Best Safety Razor Blades in 2020

Let’s face it. You have a lot of options when it comes to choosing the best safety razor blade. Too many options if truth be told.

The shaving nerds among us may rejoice at the vast variety of blades available, but for the rest of us, it’s just overwhelming. But fear not shavers. We’re here to help.

To help you discover your next favorite blade, we’ve picked our favorites across three different categories. These are double edge, artist club style single edge, and gem style single edge blades.

Let’s jump right in.

Best Double Edge Blades

Astra Superior Platinum Double Edge Blades


The Astra Superior Platinum Double Edge Blades offer just the right level of sharpness to let you say goodbye to nicks and cuts and say hello to smooth wet shaves.

Thanks to a platinum-coated stainless build, these blades stay sharp and free of rust for a long time. At just $0.75 for a pack of 5, there really isn’t much more a gentleman could ask for. Hence why this is our pick for the best all-around double edge razor blade.

Feather Platinum Coated Double Edge Razor Blades


The Feather Platinum Coated Double Edge Razor Blades are made for men who dare to wield such sublime sharpness. These blades can cut through even the thickest beards with ease. So if you’re looking for that daringly close shave, one where you won’t have to shave for days afterward, drop $5 on a 5-blade pack of Feather Platinum today and never look back.

That said, these blades of stainless steel are unforgiving for wet shaving novices and men with sensitive skin in particular. Stick to Astra if that sounds like you.

Best Artist Club Style Single Edge Blades

Kai Captain Titan Mild Blades

Kai Captain Titan Mild

The KAI Captain Titan Mild Blade is a work of stainless steel, honed and platinum hardened to give you an irritation-free and professional-grade shaving experience at home. Men all over the world cherish the consistently comfortable, close shaves the Captain Titan Mild has to offer.

If you have sensitive skin but don’t want to settle for anything less than an artisan blade, then a pack of Captain Titan Mild is where your search ends. You can get a pack of 20 blades for $19.

Feather Artist Club Pro Super Blades

Feather Pro Super

The Feather Artist Club Pro Super Blade is designed for experienced straight razor enthusiasts who cherish one thing above all: sharpness.

These stainless steel blades combine a double coating of platinum alloy and resin with triple grinding to create the finest and the sharpest edge you’ll ever see. Shaving thick and coarse hair doesn’t get any easier than this. You can get a 20-pack of these artisan blades for $15.

Best Gem Style Single Edge Blades

Personna GEM Stainless

The Personna GEM Stainless SE Blade is popular for the uber comfortable and super close shaving it offers. With its high quality stainless coating and a sharp single edge, you’ll never have to drag or pull the razor again.

At $5.5 for a pack of 10 blades, Personna GEM is a value buy without a doubt.

Gem Blue Star

The Gem Blue Star is the only carbon steel blade on our list. This American made blade is not just sharp but super comfortable thanks to the carbon steel and superior engineering.

But there is a catch. Carbon steel gets rusty and loses its edge a lot sooner than stainless steel. To make it last longer, keep the blade dry to avoid rusting and hone it regularly with a scrap of denim to keep the edge. The Gem Blue Star is hard to find in stores these days, but you can get a 10-pack for around $5 when you do find it.

Think we missed a blade worth mentioning on this list? Let us know in the comments below.

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