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Posted by Jesse Michel on

I discovered the Above the Tie razors when researching blades. I was intrigued by the number of positive comments, solid stainless steel construction, flexibility, warranty, and return policy, and the fact it was made here in the U.S. After asking some questions and receiving a very prompt reply, I decided to purchase the [Kronos] H1... The Above the Tie razor is incredible. The quality of craftsman ship, design, fit and finish, and flexibility make this an outstanding razor. When you hold this razor in your hand, you notice immediately the weight and excellent balance. Even as aggressive a razor as the H1, I had no problem with cuts etc. Shaving was effortless and the long handle will fit any size hand. Some may reject this razor because of the cost; however, consider this razor to be a long-term investment. I will mention that the H1 must mean HOLY COW! Now if you want aggressive you will find it in the H1. The thing that really encouraged me to give the [Kronos] a try was the fact I could return the razor or switch plates if necessary. I believe you will be pleased if you choose to purchase the razor.

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