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Now you can carry a hint of sophistication wherever you go. These aluminum  atomizers are the perfect portable partner for our available aftershave splashes, or your perfume or cologne of choice. You can refresh your favorite scents all day long. Just twist to open. They come in four enticing colors with instructions, pipette, and funnel all included. TSA-approved. No pesky caps to worry about misplacing.

Lightweight aluminum exterior, 8 ml refillable glass vial contained within. Simple and easy to use.

Dimensions: 4.0" x 0.9"

Instructions for use:

1) Hold the bottle & turn the rotating bottom until the spray nozzle emerges.

2) Gently pull out the spray nozzle from the body.

3) Hold the spray nozzle and rotate the glass bottle to unscrew the cap.

4) Use accessories like pipette or funnel for refilling.

5) Insert the inner glass tube into the aluminum body after refilling.

6) Gently press the top of the spray nozzle to spray aftershave, etc.

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