Captain's Choice Sandalwood Shaving Cream - Above the Tie

Captain's Choice Sandalwood Shaving Cream

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Captain's Choice has grown their brand slowly, introducing products only after extensive product testing. That means that when they released their shaving cream it was to rave reviews. Using their bespoke aftershave fragrances in a line of shaving creams has wet shavers everywhere rejoicing.

Packed with vegetable glycerin and coconut oil, this grooming essential produces voluminous lather: rich, cushioning, creamy. And the lather lasts and lasts. . . Get the glide that you want for a close shave. You get 5 oz of amazing cream packaged in an 8 oz tub so that when you load up that frothy lather none of it escapes. Isn't that thoughtful?!?

But for many, the biggest selling point is the fragrance. This cream is scented with the same proprietary concentrate that is used in the popular Bay Rum aftershave that started it all. The "just there" aroma gives an enjoyable shave without being overpowering. Make Captain's shaving creams your choice!

Size: 5oz.

Made in the USA