Slant Style Razor Heads S1 / Brushed Matte Safety
Slant Style Razor Heads S2 / Brushed Matte Safety
Slant Style Razor Heads X1 Se / Brushed Matte Safety

Slant Heads

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The Slant design holds the blade at an angle.  This creates a slicing motion on the hair.  Slants typically feel smoother, yet more efficient, than the blade gap indicates.  Not always ideal for sensitive skin. Available in Solid Bar & Open Comb.

Our new X1 razor head is ground breaking. It is a single edge slant. The head holds an artist club blade at a slanted angle to provide a slicing motion when you shave. This will ensure many smooth effortless shaves.

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Select your razor head

Model Blade Gap Blade Type Comb Style Shave Style Aggression (1-9)
S1 .61 mm Double Edge Solid Bar Slant DE 6 - Regular / Average
S2 .61 mm Double Edge Open Comb Slant DE 6 - Regular / Average
X1 .55 mm Artist Club Solid Bar Slant SE 6 - Regular / Average


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