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The Aeon Aluminum razor employs the same design as the Classic Style.  The cap allows the blade tabs to show, for a more secure grip when changing blades.  The blade exposure is 2mm on this double edge razor, giving the Aeon the famous Classic "sing."

The Aeon handle is 3/8 inch in diameter & 4.28 inches long and includes an elegant, lightly knurled handle.  Two sets of deep rings are positioned at the top of the handle for detail shaving, and at the bottom for reaching.

The Aeon base plate is a mild solid bar with a .25 mm blade gap. When assembled, the Aeon razor weighs in at 40 grams,  & total length is just over 4½".

The cap and base are interchangeable with our other Classic line of razors.  The handle & cap are threaded M5x0.8 .

Aluminum is easier to machine than steel, allowing us to sell them at lower price.  The lighter metal is also more forgiving, and a great option for anyone new to wet shaving.

Select your razor head

Model Blade Gap Blade Type Comb Style Shave Style Aggression (1-9)
M1 .25 mm Double Edge Solid Bar Classic DE 3 - Mild
S1 .61 mm Double Edge Solid Bar Slant DE 6 - Regular / Average
SE1 .61 mm Single Edge Artist Club Solid Bar SE 6 - Regular / Average


Select your razor handle

Model Length Inches
Length MM
Weight Ounces
Weight Grams
Knurling Style
Aeon 4" 96.0 mm 0.74 oz 21 g
Light spiral
3.5" 88.9 mm 0.95 oz
27 g Barber Pole


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