Aluminum Style Safety Razors - Above the Tie
Aluminum Style Safety Razors - Above the Tie

Aluminum Style Safety Razors

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The Blue Aluminum razors employ the same design as the Classic Style.  The cap allows the blade tabs to show, for a more secure grip when changing blades.  The blade exposure is 2mm on the Double Edge Razors, giving the Aluminum their famous "sing."

The Calypso V2 SB90 is our Aluminum Windsor Pro model.  This just covers the blade tabs for a more finished look. The Windsor Pro Cap adds slightly more bend to the blade for a smoother feel.

The Aluminum is easier to machine than Steel, allowing us to sell them at lower price.  The lighter metal is also more forgiving, and a great option for anyone new to Wet Shaving.

Select your razor head

Model Blade Gap Blade Type Comb Style Shave Style Aggression (1-9)
M1 .25 mm Double Edge Solid Bar Classic DE 3 - Mild
SB90 .90 mm Double Edge Solid Bar Windsor Pro DE 6/9 - Regular to Heavy
S1 .61 mm Double Edge Solid Bar Slant DE 6 - Regular / Average
SE1 .61 mm Single Edge Artist Club Solid Bar SE 6 - Regular / Average

Select your razor handle

Model Length Inches
Length MM
Weight Ounces
Weight Grams
Knurling Style
Aeon 4" 96.0 mm 0.74 oz 21 g
Light spiral
Calypso v2 3.5" 88.9 mm 0.95 oz
27 g Barber Pole

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