Above the Tie - How & Why

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You may be interested in getting into classic shaving, if you haven't already.  Below is some more information that may be helpful.

Please Contact Us with any additional questions or concerns.  We've helped hundreds of men and women select the perfect razor.  We would love the opportunity to do the same for you.


Why Do People Do This?

There are many advantages to Classic Shaving, sometimes called Wet Shaving.  Here are just a few:


Once you have the perfect safety razor for your beard, you can buy blades for around 10 cents.  With cartridge razors costing $3 - $5 or more, these savings can add up fast.

Using one blade per week for the average lifetime of a shaving adult costs over $15,000.  While a lifetime of Double Edge Razor Blades is a little over $300.

Shave Quality

When you rake 3, 4, or 5 blades across your face, razor burn is inevitable.  One blade per pass, 2-3 passes is all you need.  This puts you in control.

Environmental Concerns

Each year millions of plastic razor cartridges are thrown in the garbage and end up in land fills or even the ocean.  Solid metal safety razor blades are 100% recyclable.

No Club to Join

Once you have your razor and find the perfect blade, just jump on Amazon and pick up a sleeve or 2.  Years of blades right there in your medicine cabinet.

Dollar Shave Club

Its Fun

There are a ton more options when switching to Classic Shaving.  

Artisan shaving soaps have about every scent imaginable.  

Its a joy to load up your shaving brush with the perfect lather.  

Many wet shavers become hobbyists or collectors.

Like a finely tuned car, or a well made watch, Classic Shaving makes you feel a little more alive.


Where Do I Start?

All cartridge razors are made the same, while all beards are different.  First you'll need to find the razor for you.

This Razor Selection Guide will help you select the perfect Above the Tie Safety Razor for your beard.  

Step 1 - My Beard

Beards fall into 3 categories, each requiring a different blade gap

  • Fair
  • Average
  • Thick

Step 2 - My Skin Type

If you have sensitive skin, then you will want to dial back the aggressiveness slightly for your beard type.

Step 3 - Pick your Razor

Take your beard type, and your skin type, and select your razor:


Okay, How Do I Do This?

First you want to Map Your Beard.  Simply rub your whiskers with your hand and note the direction the hair is growing on your cheek, jaw, chin, neck, and under your nose.

The typical shave has 3 passes with a rinse and lather before each:

  • WTG - With the Grain : The same direction the hair is growing
  • XTG - Across the Grain or perpendicular to the hair growth
  • ATG - Against the Grain or opposite the hair growth

When making the transition from cartridges to double edge:

  • DO use a quality cream and brush to ensure a good slick cushion
  • DO start slow and easy
  • DO hold the razor lightly in 2-3 fingers, like throwing a dart
  • DON'T add pressure - let the weight of the razor do the work
  • DON'T go over the same spot too many times between lathers
  • DO finish with a quality aftershave balm or splash

Some final thoughts:

You may only need 1 or 2 passes in an area of your face, while others may need 3 or 4.  The beard on my chin is dense, so I have to do 4 passes.  The beard on my neck is prone to irritation, so I skip the ATG pass.  Everyone is different.  You just have to find what works best for you.

You don't have to throw yourself in the deep end to learn how to swim.  Start out slow and easy.  Finish with your leftover cartridges while you become more comfortable.  

Before you know it, you'll be getting that weird look from friends when you tell them about your new shave.

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