Above the Tie Terms


    The Windsor head design comes in the Brushed Matte, Hand Polished, or Satin Matte finish. This redesign of our Classic head reduces the blade exposure to 1mm, reducing feedback and making the shave even smoother. The blade tabs are covered for a more refined look. The original three Windsor plates had small, round rinse ports, but after feedback from customers, with the newest additions to the Windsor family, we moved back towards the original, elongated rinse port design, which allow more soap & hair to pass through.

    winders set


    Windsor Pro

    The Windsor Pro, although not made in the USA, combines the best features of the Classic and Windsor designs. This razor is available in polished stainless steel and aluminum. The blade exposure is a little less than 2 mm. This brings back the "sing" or "chatter" of the Classic, but maintains the smooth shave of the Windsor. The classic rinse slots combined with some of the Windsor plate geometry (plus some secret sauce) create something truly unique.

    Stainless steel Windsor Pro


    X1  Single Edge Slant

    The Slant design holds the blade at an angle.  This creates a slicing motion on the hair.  Slants typically feel smoother, yet more efficient, than the blade gap indicates. 

    The X1 uses Artist Club blades, which are thicker than DE blades.  This thickness prevents vibration in the blade, for a smoother feeling shave. The thicker blade is also better for denser areas of hair, such as the chin

    polished x1


    Classic (Discontinued; limited stock remains)

    The classic razor head designs were originally available in stainless steel or aluminum. This OG ATT razor design has 2mm of blade exposure, which gives you audible feedback when you shave. The blade tabs are exposed on the end to make it easier to change the blade. The shorter head length can aid in shaving hard to reach places, like under the nose

    classic OC atlas


    Our Above the Tie base plate naming convention - How to crack the code:

    Metal Type:
    SS - Stainless Steel
    AL - Aluminum
    C - Copper
    Aggressiveness Level: 
    M - Mild 
    - Regular
    H - Heavy
    Bar Type:
    1 or no number - solid bar
    - open comb


    Windsor Base Plate

    SSMR- Stainless steel and aluminum mild -to- regular

    SSMR2 - Stainless steel mild -to- regular open comb

    SSRH - stainless steel and aluminum regular -to- heavy

    SSRH2 - stainless steel regular -to- heavy open comb

    SSM1 - stainless steel mild (part of original Windsor line / discontinued)

    SSR1 - stainless steel regular (part of original Windsor line / discontinued)

    SSH1 - stainless steel heavy (part of original Windsor line / discontinued)


    Windsor Pro

    SB90 - They come in stainless steel and aluminum. These are heavy solid bar base plates


    Classic Base Plates (Discontinued; limited stock remains)

    M1stainless steel mild solid bar (Classic line / discontinued)

    R1 - stainless steel regular solid bar (Classic line / discontinued)

    H1stainless steel heavy solid bar (Classic line / discontinued)

    M2 - stainless steel mild open comb (Classic line / discontinued)

    R2- stainless steel regular open comb (Classic line / discontinued)

    H2 - stainless steel heavy open comb (Classic line / discontinued)


    Copper Base Plates (limited edition/discontinued; limited stock remains)

    CM1 - solid Windsor copper mild (limited run / discontinued)

    CR1 - solid Windsor copper regular (limited run / discontinued)

    CH1solid Windsor copper heavy (limited run / discontinued)


    Slant Base Plates

    Slant S1 - stainless steel solid bar slant

    Slant S2 - stainless steel open comb slant


    Single Edge Base Plates

    X1 - stainless steel single edge slant solid bar

    SE1 stainless steel single edge solid bar 

    SE2 stainless steel single edge open comb


    Classic Aluminum (part of classic line and is discontinued)

    AL M1 - aluminum mild solid bar (Classic line / discontinued)

    AL R1aluminum regular solid bar (Classic line / discontinued)

    AL H1 - Aluminum Heavy solid bar (Classic line / discontinued)

    AL M2 - aluminum mild open comb (Classic line / discontinued)

    AL R2 - aluminum regular open comb (Classic line / discontinued)

    AL H2 - Aluminum heavy open comb (Classic line / discontinued)