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Classic Shaving for the Modern Era. Above the Tie manufactures luxury single edge and double edge razors, shaving brushes, stands, and shaving soaps.

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Razor Style Guide

There are several styles to choose from. Read below to help find the style that best suits your needs.

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The Aluminum is a great option when making the transition from a cartridge. The lighter metal is more forgiving while you're honing your skills. The Aluminum line currently offers most of the options from the Classics.

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The Windsor design has a smoother feeling shave and a more refined look. The blade exposure is reduced to 1mm.  This makes the DE blade feel more like an Artist Club. The blade tabs are covered on the sides and the razor comes in Satin or Polished Stainless.

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The Slant design holds the blade at an angle. This creates a slicing motion on the hair. Slant Razors typically feel smoother, yet more efficient, than the blade gap indicates. Not always ideal for sensitive skin. Available in Solid Bar & Open Comb.

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Single Edge

The Single Edge uses Artist Club blades, which are thicker than DE blades. This thickness prevents vibration in the blade for a smoother feeling shave. The thicker blade is also better for denser areas of hair, such as the chin. Available in Solid Bar & Open Comb.

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Check out our fine selection of Shaving Creams, Soaps, Aftershave Splashes, & Balms.

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