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Colossus Handles on Back Order

We have sold out of Colossus Handles and are working to get them restocked.  We do not currently have an expected date that these will be back.  If you would like to be notified when the colossus handles are back in stock, please send us a message...

What Our Customers are Saying

  • Kenneth

    I have been a traditional wet shaver for around 7 years, and a Open comb enthusiast for around 6 years... I purchased the Atlas M2 razor based upon feedback from my twin brother who has had several razors from Stan, and gave him a shining review... I had both great blade feel, as well as audible feedback. Within 2 passes, I attained a BBS shave. I would highly recommend this razor for anyone who wants an exceptional razor, of a superior build quality, that is truly a razor worthy of passing onto your heirs.

  • Victor

    I thought I would try the SSR1 plate which I ordered last week and was more than surprised to find the shave very comfortable and the closest of any razor so far.  I have numerous razors including OneBlade and your SE razor and was surprised to find the SSR1 plate giving me the comfort of a OneBlade with the closeness of the SE.  All in all I am a very happy customer.

  • Julian

    Just wanted to say that I have purchased two items from your company and I am very pleased with both. The prices were fair and quality of the items were excellent. Not to forget the fast shipping as well. Thank You.

  • Rock

    I ordered a Merkur razor Friday NIGHT! Got a shipping notice in hours. It arrived Monday morning in the mail. That is GREAT service. I shaved with it this morning for the first time - it is fine. Two nicks due to my re-learning how to shave with a razor, but I am happy. Your service is superb.

  • Mark

    Hi Stan, Just want to let you know, the Toggle arrived today in good shape. It is just beautiful! Thanks a bunch! Best regards, Mark

  • Richie

    Stan, just received the 3 Gillette, 1 Mach3 razors and they are gorgeous. Thank you for the great quality. Razors look just like the pictures.

  • Walt

    Dear Stan, Congratulations on coming so far so fast with your online store, the [Above the Tie, Ebony Silver Tip Badger Hair] brush I bought earlier is superb, thanks and Best regards, Walt

  • Connie

    Hello Stan, I wanted to follow up with you as promised and tell you how thrilled and surprised my boyfriend was when he received the 1959 Gillette Fatboy as his belated Christmas gift. He absolutely loves the weight of it and has never owned an adjustable. He had been looking for something similar, but never imagined something quite as luxurious & nice! So thank you again for all your help. You were totally right about the "weight" of the razor. It's now his favorite. I look forward to shopping at your beautiful store again in the future and telling my friends all about it. Warm regards, Connie

  • Don

    I received the red tip and it looked brand new. Talk about a close shave "WOW". There isn't anything made today that I know of which can come close to the clean shave of this shaver. I would also recommend the super soft brush and shaving cream.

  • Scott

    I discovered the Above the Tie razors when researching blades. I was intrigued by the number of positive comments, solid stainless steel construction, flexibility, warranty, and return policy, and the fact it was made here in the U.S. After asking some questions and receiving a very prompt reply, I decided to purchase the [Kronos] H1... The Above the Tie razor is incredible. The quality of craftsman ship, design, fit and finish, and flexibility make this an outstanding razor. When you hold this razor in your hand, you notice immediately the weight and excellent balance. Even as aggressive a razor as the H1, I had no problem with cuts etc. Shaving was effortless and the long handle will fit any size hand. Some may reject this razor because of the cost; however, consider this razor to be a long-term investment. I will mention that the H1 must mean HOLY COW! Now if you want aggressive you will find it in the H1. The thing that really encouraged me to give the [Kronos] a try was the fact I could return the razor or switch plates if necessary. I believe you will be pleased if you choose to purchase the razor.