Captain's Choice Land Ho! Aftershave - Above the Tie

Captain's Choice Land Ho! Aftershave

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The cheerful personality of this light hearted and pleasant scent will make you grin every time! Captain's Choice's interpretation of the classic Fougere scent will beckon you to inhale deeply again and again.  The crisp, soothing profile has a light citrus forward with what customers describe as having, “clean, fresh and tropical edge” in the background. Customers have written to say they detect quite a variety, from tobacco leaf to grapefruit in profile - something for everyone!

Packaged in a four-ounce amber glass bottle.

Ingredients:  Alcohol, fragrance oils, essential oils and extracts, glycerin. 

Size: 4oz

Made in USA

Note: Due to international shipping restrictions, we are unable to ship items with alcohol outside of the US.